Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back at Work

Hello! So finally back to regular work today. It was one of those so-so days today- some things went really well, others not so good. On the good side, I sent our brochure updates over to our graphic designer- doing so pretty significant changes in order to keep it current (an outdated brochure is pretty annoying). We now have a liquor sponsor who looks like they'll be on board for our Anniversary Celebration on October 5- it is a rum company. Finally got a photo slide show up on our blog, with the help of a friend- it was quite fun looking at all our photos. I never realized I had so many.

So what was the not so good part? Well, the usual frustrations of trying to get in touch with people for gift certificate donations and getting the run around. The bigger problem right now is our date auction, it is scheduled for September in Boston and right now we're working on getting the details established with potential venues, figuring out the expenses with the dating service that wants to partner with us for the event and some other issues. There is a lot of anxiety involved, and at times today, I wasn't even sure if I was heading in the right direction at all- definitely not a good feeling!

Now I have to go and write my list for tomorrow. Until next time...

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