Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So our blog now actually has comments on it! I am very excited! It is great to know that people are actually reading my blog.

Today was a pretty good day- I did 4 donations to police and fire departments (Brimfield, Sturbridge, E. Brookfield). It was kind of funny when I got to E. Brookfield and both the police department and the fire department were closed! They were all out on calls. I didn't know what to do- those were my last donations of the day. I had six boxes in my car and the idea of taking them back to the office and then mailing them was very unappealing- it costs quite a bit. I also definitely didn't want to make a second trip. So I sat in my car by the fire station for a little while, trying to figure out what I should do- when all of a sudden a pick up truck comes flying up the driveway- and a guy jumps out and hurries into the fire department. Thankfully, he wasn't rushing off to an emergency call and I was able to unload the fire department's donation and I left the police department's donation there too. Then I went to Worcester to pick up more of our Project Smile boxes. Although lugging the boxes to my car is always a chore, it always makes me happy when I look at our logo on the boxes.

What else is new? We are geting an absolutely awesome auction item! I don't what to say what it is yet until it arrives, but it is very cool and will be very popular. No hints! I was really happy this afternoon when I got back and there was a message from that business- it is always a good feeling when you a call a business looking for a donation and they actually call you back!

Tomorrow, I'm back to work on all the usual stuff- including finding sponsors. I also found a few new places that I want to write to for items. Now I am off to eat grapefruit.... until next time.

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