Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday's News

So much to talk about- our calendar is at the printers and the anniversary event invitations are sitting on my desk and they look beautiful! It actually took my breath away when I saw them. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it wasn't. Obviously, I had seen the invitations before they were printed, but it is completely different looking at something in its printed final version. It is the type of invitation that if I received it and wasn't related to the charity, it is an event that I would want to go to. Anyways, they are sitting on my desk and will be mailed out next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day. I am so worried about getting enough people to attend, but at least we have a terrific event put together- that in itself is a big help to get people to come out.

I did get some surprising good news today- Air Tran airways is donating two round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US for our silent auction! I don't even remember when I applied- I think it was back in February. So that's another awesome auction item. Air Tran flies to a ton of cities. Tomorrow, I need to send our web host an updated list of all the auction items and I have to keep chasing down items that were promised but not received.

I have so much to do tomorrow and I have to go to Providence to pick up a calendar sponsorship check and then Boston in the evening for a networking event. I wish I could stay in the office all day- it is a total mess and things need to be organized and a lot of small things need taken care of so that they are no longer piling up on my desk. I also need to work on those gift certificates for the date auction- we are miniscule progress on that front. I also wanted to take Wednesday and Friday off work- a little break, but in order to do that, I need to get as much done tomorrow as possible. Thursday, we have an all-day volunteering event at the warehouse in Worcester, so that will be a busy day. We have BU students coming to sort stuffed animals and help out with other things.

I got some shocking news last night that one of our Hopedale Planning Board members had died suddenly. Of course, this has nothing to do with Project Smile, but it got me thinking about time and how quickly things change and how important it is to enjoy the present and all the small moments. I know it is a cliche, but I think it is particularly difficult for those who run their own business and are responsible for every decision that's made- every failure, every plan, every success- it is difficult to remember to enjoy the moments. For myself, while I love what I do, I know that with Project Smile, I concentrate on what's next, what needs to be done, what haven't we achieved- it's a very difficult role to step out of.

Anyways, I have emails that I need to respond to (I received 50 emails today) and my list to write- which will have "clean office" on it somewhere. Ah, how I wish there was an office cleaning genie! And I'm getting a little hungry- but it is way too late to eat, 12:46. A pizza genie- can I get one of those too? Until tomorrow friends...

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