Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Day

Today was a good day. I had a meeting in Connecticut with a new sponsor and it went great- as good as it possibly could have gone. We do work with a small number of police departments in CT already, but because I didn't have any resources and financial support in CT, I haven't been able to focus much attention in the state for a while. That is about to change! I am really happy that we will be working with this company to develop our efforts in CT. They were very professional, very interested in our work and seem to be really committed to a partnership. I am really excited because this is the type of thing that we need in order to grow Project Smile in other states.

After my meeting, I headed down to a tote bag distributor near New Haven- I have wanted to get tote bags with our name and logo on them. I think that would be excellent marketing. It looks like we will be doing goodie bags at the date auction, so the tote bags would work perfectly. We can also include them in the tix price for the anniversary celebration. I was so glad I made the trip to their office because it is important to look at all the different types of bags- weight, color, style, etc. I have been using the red sample bag that they sent me last year for groceries and I really like it. It is a different shape than the traditional grocery store tote bags. They had our bag in a lime green color that looks so snappy. I want our bag to be eye catching and cool- I think this bag is it. I'm going to take another look at it in the morning and maybe carry the bag around for a few days before I make a final decision. I do have some other samples, but I think it will be the lime green bag.

I didn't get anything else done today. My CT trip took up pretty much the entire day, so I have a lot of things that need attention tomorrow. It was a really good trip though and it was important. I'm glad that everything went well. I love getting out and talking about Project Smile. The thing that I love best about speaking about Project Smile is that everything is so genuine. I have never had to force a feeling, to pretend to love my work, never said a word that wasn't true. All I do is tell a story about what I do, why I do it, how it is done, what we need and why it deserves to be supported.

Anyways, I am tired from my 5 hours of driving today. It is 12:35- I was planning on starting my blog earlier, but was too busy munching on a french roll and cheese- so delicious. It's funny how the tiredness hits all of a sudden. A few minutes ago I was feeling fine, now, my eyes are starting to hurt and I feel like I can't move out of bed. Until next time friends..

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