Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, I've been slipping somewhat on my blogging, so I wanted to make sure to blog tonight. It is a quiet night tonight- I'm watching my Yankees play the Red Sox for the first time this season. So what's new? Things are going well with the date auction- with the exception of finding financial sponsors, things are moving slowly on that front, but we have some cool items being donated for the gift bags and auction. We have enough gift certificates for 14 couples so far- it's still far from the 40 we need to get to, but considering it is still April, we are doing OK. I recruited a new bachelorette for the date auction as well. A few months ago, the Improper Bostonian featured a singles issue where they highlighted some of Boston's most eligible. I held onto the magazine because I thought it would be fun to contact some of them and see if they would like to participate. I called this lady because I read in her profile that she was a member of the Hello Stiletto Shoe Club- an awesome organization that I'm a member of too and they help sponsor our Date Auction. She owns a retail store in Back Bay and sounded like a cool person, so I called her, emailed her the info and she agreed to participate. She is also donating a discount card for her store for the gift bags.

In other good news- a women's clothing store is on board to outfit all the bachelorettes with dresses for the date auction! How fun is that? They are also donating for our silent auction and coupons for our gift bags. Last year, I read an article about another date auction in Boston and I kept the article because I wanted to contact the businesses to see if they would be interested in supporting our event this year- that is how I found that company. I've also contacted a salon which is interested in getting involved in our event. It is shaping up to be such a super awesome event- I know that isn't exactly a professional description for a fundraiser- but it is going to be terrific.

I've been working on getting sponsors for our Anniversary Celebration. I don't have any good news yet, but it does take time to get responses. I didn't get as much work done this week on calendar sponsors as I should have, so that is priority one for next week. Actually, priority one is contacting more departments- the goal was to work with 150 departments by the beginning of May, by Tuesday we will be at 146. It's hard to make priorities sometimes because right now everything is equally important- police/fire outreach, calendar sponsors, date auction sponsors/auction items and anniversary event sponsors/auction items. They all need inter-related and they all need attention.

What else is going on? I can't remember now- it was a busy week, but it is kind of a blur. It's funny- sometimes I think of things that happen- phone calls I've made, emails, etc and I think that they happened ages ago, but I'll check my spreadsheets and it will turn out that it was only 2 or 3 days ago.

Anyways, I think that's it for tonight. The Yankees game is now in extra innings- there is such inspiration to find in sports games, particularly the idea of never giving up. Nothing is ever over until it is truly over- and one keeps fighting, keeps working, keeps believing until you turn things your way and then you keep on fighting, working and believing. It's a good motto to live by.

Well, I am off to read for a bit, I was going to catch up on some work, but it is Friday night and even though I am home- I don't particularly have the urge to work. I am feeling the urge for a warm French roll with port salut cheese- both of which are in the fridge. And the game continues... let's go Yankees!! Until next time friends..

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