Monday, September 28, 2009

9 Months Became 4 Days

I can't believe we are here- only 4 days to our big event. It seems like yesterday that I started working on it- heck, last year's event seems like yesterday too. How are things going? They're OK. A friend came by today to help work on the bid sheets for the auction and our intern stayed late tonight to keep working on them. I've lost count, but I think I have about 30 more to go- that's not bad since we have over 100 items. Our intern also did the calendar photo montage that will play at the event too. I picked up a very pretty Tupperware gift basket tonight. Tomorrow, I'm picking up a salon gift basket, then I'm off to Boston to pick up the Beija Rum for our event. On Wednesday, I have two more items to pick up- our Trader Joe's gift bag and another item. There is also another item that I need to follow up with and there is a big ticket item that hasn't arrived yet, I followed up with that one this morning and was assured it would arrive before the event. I was planning on finishing the rest of the bid sheets tonight, but I acted like a bit of a bum tonight and really didn't do anything except waste time on Facebook, chat with my sis and watch a bit of TV- not exactly the Productive Polly that I was intending to be.

I'm really nervous about getting people to the event. We're doing OK, but I wish it was better. A number of friends have said they're bringing people, so as long as they do, things should be fine. I wish it wasn't so difficult to get people to attend. I don't know what else to do. We have a wonderful event, I chose the best date possible- I know some people say that Milford is out of the way, but it makes sense since this is where we are based and because many of the people in our calendar are located here. I don't know where else to have it- I know if I moved it to Boston, a lot of our supporters wouldn't go because they don't want to drive into Boston. There's really no point in thinking about this now since the event is 4 days away. I've tried to cut costs with our hotel bill, but haven't been able to lower it from last year. We're not over budget, and I have saved money with having Natalie do our program, but then I had to spend money on our invitations that I got printed for free for the last few years. The event is going to cost about the same as it did last year. I couldn't figure out a way to cut cost without sacrificing some of the event. It is really important to have a consistently good quality event and I don't want to risk people thinking that it wasn't a good event and not wanting to come back next year. I don't know why I'm getting all worried about things- especially things that are already set. I did a good job with planning the event and I made the right decisions, should there is no reason to second guess. The sponsorship dollars cover the cost of the event and that is important. Last year, we had double the amount of financial sponsors, but the economy was in better shape last year.

Anyways, I'm getting tired and when I get tired I get anxious. I don't know if I should just go to bed or go back and work on those bid sheets. If I start working, I probably won't go to bed until 3am- when I start working, I can get somewhat obsessed and keep going until things are done. So, it is probably best if I stick to a normal bedtime and go to bed now- 12:21. I haven't exercised in a few days and that's throwing me off too. There are also some personal things happening too which has made things pretty turbulent. Anyways friends, I'm off to bed or work- I'll let you know tomorrow...

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