Tuesday, October 6, 2009


What a wonderful evening! We had our best attendance ever at our Anniversary event. It was so exciting and I was so incredibly happy to see so many people. I would like to thank everyone who attended- thank you for making it a successful night. Thank you also to everyone who donated and helped sponsor, our volunteers who helped and everyone who helped spread the word and made it such a great event. It is funny how it always starts out slow- it was 6:30 and there were maybe 10 people there. I was starting to get worried and had visions of a miserable event, but then it seemed like I blinked my eyes and the room was getting full. We actually ran out of food really quickly- something that hadn't happened before. The ballroom looked terrific. The Doubletree did a great job. Karen Swensen was absolutely wonderful, she gave a great speech and really tied it into Project Smile's mission. If anyone is looking for a speaker for their event, I would definitely recommend her- she is terrific. Miss Massachusetts Sweetheart was also very nice- she was very friendly and really did a great job interacting with guests and also showing off our live auction items. Our host, Dick Ferrucci, did a great job with the live auction- I love the way he does auctions. So what was the dollar amount? Well, we are at over $7,000. I still have more auction items to get to people and I don't count that until we get paid.

I'm so happy it was a success. I need to get some photos up on our site and on FaceBook too. There are also a lot of auction items I need to get to people. It was funny today not to have to work on getting auction items- it has been on my list since January. I don't miss it though. I have so many other things that need attention- contacting police/fire and grant writing in particular.

Well, it is 1:25 and I am very tired. There are some personal issues happening and it has been very hectic here lately. Until tomorrow friends...

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