Monday, July 26, 2010

So Much to Do

Well, here we are- the start of the last week of July. How am I doing? There is so much to get done and I'm feeling rather overwhelmed. I need a lot of ad info from our date auction sponsors, I urgently need more fire fighters for the date auction, I need more of our gift bag items in hand and I need to follow up with people who we are working with to promote the date auction. I also need to wrap up calendar photos so I can move on to other things. We have 5 more shoots that need to be scheduled- these last ones are always the hardest- that's why they haven't been done yet. I still have that half month spot that needs to be taken care of. We are also way short on gift certificates for the date auction couples. I did pick up a restaurant gift certificate that can be given to two couples from No Name Restaurant in Boston- they have been very supportive for the past couple of years. They've donated two certificates for a complete dinner at the restaurant for two people each- quite a nice item.

It is really hard when people take a long time to get back to you- I spend so much of my day making follow up calls. I know that I am not perfect in getting back to people, but it is very frustrating. I've been trying to get in touch with some people who have said they will participate in the date auction, but haven't heard back from them. It really slows down things on my end when I spend so much time trying to get people to respond.

Anyways, enough griping. There is so no magic remedy for the unresponsive person problem, so I just have to deal with it. In better news, we received an unexpected $1,500 donation from an organization in Colorado today, which was excellent. There is nothing better than receiving an unsolicited donation! We also have a local bank back as an anniversary event sponsor- they sponsored two years ago, but weren't able to be a financial donor last year. They did donate an item for last year's silent auction instead.

Well, I am going to bed- it is super early, only 11:35, but I have a headache- I think that is contributing to my overwhelmed feeling tonight. I've had a headache every morning for almost a week, I think it has to do with the cold that I had- it hasn't completely gone away, but it is a lot better. I'm going to write my extensive list for tomorrow- until tomorrow friends... wish me luck for a very productive day please!

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