Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Updates

Well, I'm still slacking with my blogging- I need to get on a better blogging schedule. I was intending to blog last night, but closed my eyes for a few minutes at 11:30 and the next thing I knew it was 2am! So what's happening? Tomorrow, I am dropping off our annual donation to the Morgan Memorial Goodwill children's holiday party. This will be our 3rd year donating for the holiday party. I really enjoy supporting their event, it is a really great event. We don't do a children's holiday event, so it is really good that we can support other big events. Some day, we will have our own kids Christmas event, but I don't have the resources for that now. I'm not sure when we will because I have a long list of other events that I would like to do before that. We are dropping of our donation earlier this year, it makes things a little easier for me to do things early. I always appreciate getting donations well in advance of our events, so I think Goodwill appreciates the earliness too.

Calendar sales are moving slowly- I need to work harder on getting them sold. We used up our web update time this month, so I would have had to pay extra to get the 2011 calendars promoted on our website. I decided to hold off the extra 2 weeks and wait until November 1 to do the update. I hate having things out dated on our site, but I also need to keep costs down, so if it isn't super urgent, I would rather save the money.

I finished one grant application today and mailed it off. We have received grants from this Foundation for the past 2 years, so hopefully they will be able to keep supporting our work. I also have 3 other grants that I need to work on. It always feels so good to send the grant in- of course it feels even better when we actually get awarded the grant!

Well friends, that's it for tonight. I was going to go back and do some more work, but I think I will catch up on my magazine reading- I have a stack of good magazines that I haven't had time to read and I'm going to have another slice of the cranberry walnut bread that I made today- so good! I also have to write my list. Until next time friends...

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