Monday, May 16, 2011

Grant Work

Well today was a grant day. I spent most of the day working on a grant for a bank's charitable foundation. I didn't intend to spend most of the day working on it, but once I got started, I didn't want to stop. It was slow going though. It's not even that complicated a grant, but I haven't been doing that much grant writing lately and it always takes time to get back in the swing of things. We received a $2,500 grant from this foundation 5 years ago, so hopefully they will support us again. They don't list specific dates that they review grants, but I want to get it submitted this week.

Did I mention last week that we sent a box of stuffed animals, markers and games to Alabama for the children who lost their homes in those horrific tornadoes a few weeks ago? Our board member, Michelle, reached out to her Lia Sophia connections and through them, got in touch with a Church in Alabama that is organizing donations to local children who lost their homes. One of the people told Michelle that children were digging through the rubble searching for their possessions and toys. That is so sad. Michelle sent one box and we're planning on sending more. I was really glad that she was able to take the lead on that.

In other good news- we got two more bachelors signed up for the date auction. They are both members of the Coast Guard, stationed in Boston. We have another Coast Guard officer signed up already too, they will do a great job. No more news on the date auction sponsorship front, but I spoke with a company on Friday that I had met last week at the Stylefixx ladies shopping event. They would be a perfect fit for our date auction. I spoke with the regional director on the phone and emailed him the sponsor info. I haven't heard back yet, but hopefully I will soon. We're doing pretty well with gift certificate donations for the date auction couples and the silent auction.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Oxford Police department for a donation. I thought about mailing them, but I wanted to do a photograph and it is pretty costly to mail the boxes. I did mail three boxes on Friday to the Salem Police department though. It cost $27. It is cheaper to drive, but it also takes up a good portion of the day if it is a department that is further away.

Well friends, that's it for tonight. I want to finish reading Little Bee, write my list, then head to bed. I'm craving lemon meringue pie, but my brother finished off the last piece- I had my fork already in my hand and was walking over to the fridge, when I spotted the empty pie container on the counter- such disappointment! I went to sleep super late last night- I need to get that under control. It isn't even midnight yet, so I'm off to a good start. Until tomorrow friends...

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