Monday, May 9, 2011

Shoe Story

Here is a cool story that happened tonight. I went to an event with a new social group called Dine Out Boston- they get together monthly at Boston restaurants for drinks/dinner. I read about it in an Urban Daddy email. I went with a couple of friends and decided to wear my favorite purple peep toe high heels that were given to me from Sofft Shoes for last year's Date Auction. I was in the bar area, chatting with people and I said hello to a young woman. She looked at my shoes and pointed out that she was wearing the exact same pair of shoes. She started to tell me where she got them when she stopped and looked at me, "I got them at your event", she said. She had bid on a date with one of our bachelors and won the shoes. It was so awesome to meet her at the event. It really is cool to be out in public and start chatting with someone and find out that they have been to your events. That feeling of excitement at the news never gets old. This was the first time I had seen someone wearing their shoes out in public. What a coincidence that I wore my shoes too! It was a little chilly earlier and I had originally dressed in black pants, but at the last minute, decided that I wanted to dress up a bit more and broke out the purple shoes and dress.

So what else is happening? Well, today I was mostly focused on getting calendar sponsors. I had started doing that last week, but this was the most time I had spent on it. I hadn't originally intended to spend so much time. But I got a call this morning from a past calendar sponsor that I had reached out to. Unfortunately, they are not able to sponsor this year. The market they work in has been slow lately and they can't afford the donation. They are a great company and they are very nice people, I definitely understand their decision. It was disappointing news to start of the morning, so by 10:15am, I was already feeling stressed. I decided that if I didn't immediately start working on getting other sponsors lined up for the calendar, I would just feel more stressed. I started making calls, sending emails, etc. I know that we definitely have two months which will be completely available, most likely three. This means that I need to get three new sponsors on board. I've been contacting the police and fire associations from the local departments that we donate to, particularly ones that haven't made donations to us in the past. This would be the perfect thing for them to sponsor. I don't have any positive news on that front yet, but I just started. I did get commitments from 2 returning sponsors today. We already have a couple of months taken care of which is good.

What else is happening? There is so much to write about, but I'm awfully tired. I went to bed obscenely late last night (isn't that a wonderful phrase!) and really should go straight to bed. I already turned off my work computer. I'm in the gray zone right now where part of me is really tired and the other part of me is starting to get a second wind. But it is 12:10 and I want to be a dedicated worker and go to bed early so I can feel inspired tomorrow morning and not curse myself for going to bed at 2:30 the night before. It wasn't like I was spending my time doing anything incredible last night- although I did find a rather cool event in Newport this August which I'm roping some friends into attending with me. Anyways friends, I'm off to write my list and head to bed, I might read for a few minutes since I'm starting to feel more awake. Until tomorrow...

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Chris Vrotsos said...

Just tweeted and'ed your "Shoe-chronicity" moment on my accounts!