Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome May

Well, the first work day in May got off to a rocky start. I had a list of 14 items to work on, I got to less than half. There were a lot of frustrating things happening- I was working on date auction sponsors, but didn't get through to anyone. I spoke on the phone with a media company in Boston. I've tried to get them on board with the date auction for the past 3 years, they have donated a gift card each year, but never got more involved. This event is a perfect fit with them for a number of reasons. They declined it again this time and haven't even committed to donating a gift card. It is hard sometimes dealing with the rejection- in order to get the sponsors and donors that we do get for our events, I have to contact a ton of companies. Most companies do not donate. Obviously, I know that not every business can donate to every charity that asks, but that doesn't make it any easier when dealing with rejection. Even though it isn't personal when companies don't donate, it feels personal to me. When you start a business and you're so closely invested, every aspect of running that business is deeply personal.

By the time late afternoon rolled around, I was feeling rather frustrated. I wasn't even getting through to the people that I needed to speak with at the police departments that I followed up with. In good news though, Henrietta's Table in Cambridge is donating a gift certificate for a date auction couple to have dinner. I have heard so many good things about that restaurant. The Boston Atheneum also donated an annual membership for our silent auction.

It is so important to develop outside interests from work. I have a great social life and I already have a lot of other interests, but tonight I went for my first fencing class. I bought an introductory 4 lesson certificate on Living Social in January. I wanted to wait until the warmer weather came before I started. I was driving into the Sommerville tonight and felt so tired and rather stressed about work things. It was my very first time fencing and I loved it. I came home feeling happy and a lot more energetic. My brain even felt expanded. When you step outside of your normal activities and interests, it really does open up the brain- which in turns makes one a better worker. I was able to put my day into perspective. I love the challenge of fencing and I think it is something that I could be well suited to.

Well, that's it for tonight. It isn't even midnight and I'm ready to read for a bit and then head to bed. Part of my problem today was that I was tired too. I went to sleep crazy late last night because I couldn't stop watching the coverage of Bin Laden's death. When you're tired, it is a lot easier to become stressed about things. I'm also off to eat some more Easter jellybeans while I write my list. Until tomorrow friends...

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Chris Vrotsos said...


I just read your May 2nd blog and wanted you to know that you are doing great work! Many people talk about doing things but you go out and make a contribution every single day. I am in your corner.

Things may seem hard right now but look at your history of impressive achievements and the lives you have helped make better. You are a networking guru and a champion of children's broken hearts--never forget that.

Your honesty is great too!

Chris Vrotsos