Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2 Days to Show Day

Only two days until the Step into Spring fashion show fundraiser at Copley Place. I am so excited. It is always a little nerve wracking heading into a big event. Copley Place has handled quite a bit of the details, so that has really made a difference. We are waiting on one big thing that needs to arrive- it was supposed to arrive today, but other than that, things are looking good for the event. We lost one model on Friday, but we were able to replace her within a few hours from the models on the waiting list. All of the fittings have been done. I sent all the models a very detailed email last week about the event- some of them responded about how happy they were that they received all the details and glad that it was organized so well. It was nice to hear that. Sometimes, I wonder if I give too many details, but I think it is helpful- it makes things easier for everyone involved to know exactly what is asked of them and how things are going to work. The more I'm thinking about it now, the more butterflies I'm getting!

So what else is going on? Well, it looks like we may have a speaker for our Anniversary Celebration. The person hasn't committed to it yet, but they are definitely interested. They have to check their schedule and get back to me. It is an interesting person, so I hope it works out. It will be good to have that wrapped up too. Our auction items have been coming in for both events which is great. Vivian, a volunteer who has been helping with getting auction items donated just got a hotel stay and gym membership, so that is a big help. We also have a new bachelorette who is interested in participating in the auction- a friend of mine recruited her. I'm going to email her tonight. It is great to have people signing up already. Sofft Shoes is back on board which is another piece of great news. They are going to donate shoes so that the top ten bachelors will have a pair of high heels for the lady with the winning bid. Previously, they have donated shoes so that every bachelor has high heels for the winning woman, but they had to cut back some this year. That is fine though- we have enough for half the group which is really good. It is such an awesome promotion to have.

I actually got a manicure today in honor of the fashion show. I only get manicures rarely- partly because of finances and also because I'm always working with boxes and that is pretty rough on nails. My sister got me a gift certificate for a manicure as a Christmas gift. I was saving it for a special occasion and this was it! I'm going to be on stage speaking, so I want to look my best. Also, I asked all the models to come with their fingers and tootsies stage ready, so I should be sure to have the same done. I had the shellac done, so that should last a while. I'm loving my bright red nails!

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm meeting with Copley to do our final walk-thru for the show. I also need to work on following up with some more police and fire departments. I'm not sure if I'll get to work on getting event sponsors, but it will be on my list. I also need to get cracking on our April newsletter- we are half way through April and I still haven't started it- that is a familiar theme. Well, I'm off to send a few more emails and watch some more of my favorite reality show which is on right now. My sister gave me the Hunger Games to read, so I might start that too. Until tomorrow friends...

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