Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Photos

Tonight, I did our first photos for our 2013 PS calendar. I always forget how much fun it is to do the photos until I start. I was doing photos at Douglas Fire, I've started with them a few times before. They are always a fun department to photo. They get a good group to participate and everyone is really enthusiastic. Their Association also supports the calendar by sponsoring it. I like seeing the kids who have been in it a few times as they get older. There was a baby in the photos who was only 3 weeks old. He was so tiny, it was amazing. I photographed him with his mom and older brother. I think his eyes were closed in all the photos, but they still came out well. You can't expect much from some one that young- mostly, as long as they're not crying, we are fine. It is something to think that we were all once that size.

We're moving along with signing up people to participate in the auction. I always get more ladies to sign up first. I've submitted some photos to our web host, so we should have them on our website soon. Our flier got updated and now features a QR code- those are those little square bar codes that you can scan with your smart phone and it will take you directly to the relative website. They are free to create and very easy. My mom was actually the first person to tell me about them ages ago- before you started seeing them everywhere. I downloaded the program to her phone last week, then I downloaded it to my own phone and then it dawned on me that we should have the code on our event flier. I sent the link to create the code to Lisa and she added it to the flier. She had to work on it twice because the first version was not clear enough and wouldn't scan. The new version works perfectly. It is so important to keep up with technology and communication tools. QR codes are relatively easy and free, so there really is no reason not to use them.

Well, that's the latest for tonight- I have about a million and a half things to do tomorrow (OK, I exaggerate- slightly). I had a personal appointment this morning and that took up a big chunk of time, I was planning to get work done tonight, but I settled down in my bed to watch the Thunder game for a little bit and fell asleep for over 2 hours! Sports are so inspiring- nothing is ever over until it is officially over. You can be down and everyone counts you out, but people keep going, keep playing hard and they can pull out the win. I've been inspired watching the Celtics in the play-offs and I've been enjoying following the Thunder as well. They were both down 0-2 in the finals and the Thunder just won the Western Conference title, hopefully, the Celtics will pull out the win tomorrow night too.

I'm now off to eat a peach and maybe some more watermelon- they are both so delicious. I don't need to write a new list, I just need to add onto yesterday's list. We have a fun shoe club party tomorrow night at Pandora which I'm looking forward to. A portion of the sales will be going to Project Smile. They have also donated items for our silent auction and I think they will be able to donate an item for our events this year too. Until tomorrow friends...

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