Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Loss

Today was a very sad day friends. Our family dog, Humphrey, died today. My heart hurts and we are all so sad at home. He was just a little puppy when we got him in 2002 and he gave us so much love and we loved him. It is so hard to comprehend that we won't see him anymore. I know this blog is about Project Smile and this has nothing to do with work, but it is all I can think about. His death was very sudden and it is a reminder how short and precious life is- one moment everything is fine and then in the next moment you can lose what you love so dearly. Humphrey took ill on Friday, we brought him to the vet on Saturday and then yesterday he got dramatically worse. This afternoon, we had to put him down. Thankfully, my siblings were all able to come home yesterday and they got to spend time with  him and say goodbye. I'm trying to hold on to all the happy memories that we had with him and I'm glad that he had a happy life with us. He gave us so much over these almost 11 years- it was all you could have ever asked for. So friends- never take anything for granted and be sure to tell those you love just how much you care for them.
Rest in peace our beautiful Humphrey Pisacane. You gentle and loving soul is missed so much.

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