Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Calendar Photos Underway

Well, it was a better day today. The calendar photos started today with Douglas Fire. I forget how much fun it is doing the photos- I like getting out and meeting the people who are in the calendar, catching up with families I hadn't seen in a while, setting up the photos- the whole thing is fun. Sometimes it can be hard with the young kids when they get fussy, but we can usually get a few decent photos at the worst. I did feel a little rusty today though- I forgot to bring my box of stuffed animals for the kids to hold and it took a bit longer than usual to set up my shots. The kids were so cute that participated- there was a 9 month old baby boy, a brother and sister who were 2 and 6 years old and another little boy who was about two. The youngest child we've had in the calendar was 3 days old- yes, that was not a typo! He's in this year's calendar and I think that family will be in the '09 calendar as well. I love having families in consecutive calendars- I think it is fun to see how the kids grow up.

What else happened today? We got a great new auction item for the Anniversary Celebration- two tickets to the October 25, New England Revolution soccer game. They are great seats. I wrote to the Patriots as well, I really hope we get something from them. I was also working on getting raffle items too- we sell the raffle tickets along with the calendar. Raffle items tend to be a bit smaller, but we have about 20 items usually. They are mostly gift cards to restaurants, supermarkets, stores, movie tickets- things that would appeal to a broad number of people.

Need to go to bed. My mind is going blank and I'm forgetting what else went on today- a sign that I should go to bed. So good night friends..

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