Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Busy Days

Greetings friends! So what's new? Well, the super busy days are here. The Date Auction is a little over 3 weeks away, calendar photos are wrapping up, the fall fashion show is just about a month away and our Anniversary Celebration is in October. So much going on, it is hard to keep up. On the good news front, we are almost done with photos. The goal is to finish photos by next Wednesday. I have one more half month of advertising to sell and then we will be all set with calendar ads. One of my favorite things is seeing how the children that have been in the calendar multiple times, are growing up. Yesterday, I was in Marlboro doing photos with the children of two officers. One of the officers has twin girls who have been in the calendar since they were toddlers. They are about 9 years old now and so cute. They are both cheerleaders, so I asked them if they wanted to do a cheerleading pose for the photos, they did a pose where one girl sat on her sister's shoulders. Their dad stood next to them- it was such an adorable photo. Today, I was doing photos with the children of one our long time supporters. He has 3 boys who are all cute kids- they've been on the calendar cover before. Their youngest is 4 years old and is really adorable. He also talks like a little grown up- he was walking down the sidewalk and announced in a grown up voice that the  "sun is so bright. It is blinding my eyes." - not what you usually hear from a 4 year old.

On the Date Auction front, we've reached our sponsorship goal which is great. We moved the event to the nightclub Icon. It is in the same building as Venu, it's just on the main floor. It was redesigned last year and looks really cool. Guests get to stay after at Icon which is a nice bonus. We've got some awesome singles signed up to participate, but still need a few more to sign up, so if you can help us by spreading the word and recruiting some fun single guys or ladies to participate, that would be great. Here is the flyer which can be downloaded and shared.
Well, there's lots more to write about, but I need to get some work done on our fall fashion show. Until tomorrow friends...