Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Event Excitement

Greetings friends! Only 3 days to go until our big night- the Project Smile 12th Anniversary Celebration. All these months of work and it will all come down to 3 hours on Friday night. We are in a good position for the event. I picked up our calendars on Monday and they look beautiful. Our printer had a technical issue with his machines and that caused the calendar to be delayed for over a week and a half. I was starting to get worried last week, but they ended up being ready by the end of the day on Friday. It's so good that we always get them to the printer almost a month before we need them. I always tell them that I need the calendars a week before I actually do, just in case something happens- it gives us extra time to work with. I picked up some beautiful gift baskets lately for the silent auction- Mary Jo Eagan, a Tupperware consultant, always makes us a gorgeous basket filled with Tupperware. Here is a photo, but it doesn't quite do it justice.
I also picked up a beautiful basket from Dunkin Donuts in Mendon this morning. It is literally filled with bags of coffee, travel mug, 2 t-shirts and other items. It's always great to have pretty baskets like this because it helps with the room decoration.

I was up until 3:30am working on things. I finished almost all of the bid sheets. Tomorrow, I'm meeting one of our great volunteers who helped get beautiful pieces of jewelry for the event. Once I have those, I can do those bid sheets. Another long-time supporter and Mary Kay consultant, dropped off a gift item this afternoon for the auction, so I need to get that bid sheet done as well. After bid sheets last night, I felt inspired and did the powerpoint slideshow of our calendar photos and PS photos from throughout the year. I always play it during the event and it gives guests something else to enjoy. The calendar prints black/white, so it's nice to be able to show the original color photos. I had to buy a projector for the very first time. One of our other supporters had been able to borrow one from his office for many years, but that isn't possible. I bought a super cheap one last year which didn't even work. I decided to make the investment and bought one today. It was a little pricey, but the quality is amazing. I tried it out tonight to make sure everything was working properly. It's really an impressive piece of equipment.

Tomorrow, I'm picking up our event programs. We have a new business consultant at Staples and she has been awesome so far. She sent an introductory email yesterday and I wrote back to her late last night with our program. She responded early this morning and even offered to have the programs delivered- never had that before!

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I have to respond to a few emails, then I'm heading to bed. I was up early to promote our event on our local radio station WMRC- that's always a fun experience. I love every opportunity to talk about Project Smile! Until tomorrow friends...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Latest and Greatest

Greetings friends! It has been a very long time since my last posting. I can't believe that I haven't blogged since August. There is lots happening, so it definitely wasn't that I didn't have any news. I got out of the habit of blogging regularly and when you do that, it can be hard to get back into the groove. Anyways, so what's new?

Well, the Date Auction, our big event, was last month. It went great. We raised 10K and had a lot of great feedback from participants and sponsors. The event was in the Boston Globe's Names section again which was great. Here are some photos from the event. The Rev Girls were special guests and did an awesome job. Here is a photo from the Globe's Names section. Photo courtesy of Clark Linehan. Check out other photos from the event too. The rest of the photos are courtesy of Walter Smith.

A special thank you to our awesome bachelors and bachelorettes, our event sponsors- Jess Meet Ken- an awesome new dating app that everyone should check out- http://www.jessmeetken.com/
Melanie Fleet, a Boston area Realtor with Keller Williams, UsTrendy, Yelp, Boston Event Guide and Sofft Shoes. Our hosts Michael Winter and Julie Devereaux from WROR did a terrific job. I was happy that we had a good event. 

Well, I need to get back to working on our 12th Anniversary Celebration which is rapidly approaching- next Friday! I promise to be back on the blogging wagon- it does feel great to be blogging again! Until tomorrow friends..