Thursday, May 8, 2008

Daily News

So what happened today? Nothing! Just kidding of course. I'm so tired and honestly can't think of what actually was accomplished today. Another calendar sponsor has fallen by the wayside which was very disappointing. It is a small business and the owner called me today and explained that because the market is to tight he has had to cut all non necessity expenses- so unfourtunatly that includes our calendar. He has been very supportive, so I hope that things pick up for him soon, because he is a very nice person. I'm trying to reach as many people as possible to help get these ads sold in the calendar- I really need the help to get this done.

What else happened today? More work on anniversary auction items which is going pretty well and I was working on reaching new sponsors for the event. I made some calls today, didn't get any commitments, but did have some positive response. I always get a little nervous when I start making the calls for sponsorship. Calling for gift certificates isn't that big a deal, but cold calling for dollars is a lot more difficult and one has to dig deeper to even pick up the phone- particularly when calling small businesses. However, I always think of the fact that if I don't call there's no way I'll be getting anything, so it's always worth it to try. And of course, one just needs to keep their mind on the bottom line and that's a pretty good motivator.

I scheduled a donation to a local fire department for next week- this is our first donation to them, so I'm glad that they're on board. I also picked up a donation of karate gift certificates from a Milford martial arts studio- the owner is so nice. He even offered to do some free classes for children that we work with if that was something that we needed.

I need to get back to sponsor spreadsheet for our anniversary event- I was working from one, but for some unknown reason these last two days I haven't been using it and instead reverting back to that horrendous habit of writing my notes on slips of paper and backs of envelopes- bad! Very bad! So tomorrow, I need to spend a few minutes and update my list and then get back on track.
OK, need to go to bed- my eyes are hurting- need to write my list and go to sleep.

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