Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Generous People

Generous people- how wonderful they are! I had such a nice, surprising moment today, I have to share it. As everyone knows who's been reading my blog- I've been working on obtaining sponsors for our Anniversary Celebration. My goal is to contact 4 new businesses each day, the same way I do with auction items. I called a business today- a payroll company in Milford- I was transferred to the owner and I gave him my speech and asked for a $50 donation in support of our event. It wasn't even that good a speech that I gave, I wasn't feeling well today, so was struggling especially this morning to be coherent. Anyways, he agreed to the $50, then paused and asked me the words that every fundraiser dreams of hearing- "is that all you need, $50?" Well, no, that's nowhere near all I need. So I explained the rest of the sponsor levels and he committed to a $250 sponsorship. I was so happy, it made my day. I've never had that happen before, who knows if it will happen again (I hope so). It was wonderful. I picked up the check this afternoon.

So what else is new? I also got commitments from 2 more sponsors for the Anniversary event- these are smaller sponsorships, but I like I said before- every donation is important and really helps.

Well, that is about it for today. I'm trying to go to bed earlier, I didn't get to a lot of things today (not an unusual occurrence), mostly because I was feeling lousy and felt like I was getting things done in slow motion. Now off to write my shockingly long list for tomorrow- fell asleep last night before I could write today's list.

P.S. Special congratulations to my sister Cordelia Pisacane. She graduated summa cum laude from Suffolk University, Boston on Sunday!

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