Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday's News

So what's new? Well, the day started off pretty sluggishly- actually, to be honest- it was very sluggish. Things got better- on mornings like that I usually start with really simple things- letters that need to be sent, emails, etc. That helps get me going and then I can move onto the more difficult things. There are so many things going on, it is really difficult to get everything accomplished. This year is even busier than previous ones- because of the date auction and the Anniversary Event being even bigger and requiring quite a bit of attention, as well as the nursing home program and the regular stuff- calendar, police/fire, grants, Halloween event, ec.

There are still unresolved issues with date auction which is very unsettling. I can't really go into the details, but issues that I thought were resolved months ago are back in play. I still need to find financial sponsors- it doesn't seem like it should be so difficult, it is an awesome event that directly targets the young professional market in Boston- which is a group that so many businesses target. So if anyone has suggestions for event sponsors, please let me know.

Good news- a calendar sponsor that I was concerned about losing is back on board! I was so happy about that and really relieved. We still need more sponsors though, so if anyone knows of a business or individual who would like to help support our work by advertising in our calendar- let me know!

I need to get back working on anniversary auction items- I've been switching gears to work on getting financial sponsors, which is important of course, but I still ned more items. I was working on contacting on 4 places each day, but recently I've slipped with that. I also need to keep working on date items.

OK- need to go to bed- I'm starting to get that overwhelmed feeling again, thinking of everything that needs to be done. Baby steps- it's all about the baby steps! Now off to eat grapefruit, write my list and go to bed. I have an important meeting in Worcester tomorrow, can't go into details, but keep your fingers crossed for me!
Until next time..

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