Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday's News

So what's new? Well, it was an up and down day today. On the up side- Benjamin Moore Paints is back on board as a sponsor for the 5th Anniversary Celebration. We also added two new sponsors (they are both smaller sponsors, but every dollar is important, so that was really good). On the down side- two weeks ago, I spoke with someone who had sponsored the event last year, he said he would definitely sponsor, but wasn't sure what level. He told me to send him the info and call him if I didn't hear from him. So I called this morning and he told me he won't be sponsoring- at any level. He's not even interested in coming to the event. He had come on board last year through someone who was helping me with the event. So that was really annoying and disappointing. I don't know what happened, all I know is there was nothing that I did wrong.

On the other down side is the anxiety filled date auction. There is still no conclusion with the issue that I wrote about last week. If I had a dollar for every minute spent worrying about this event, I would have enough money to sponsor five date auctions. I'll keep you posted when the issue gets resolved- it does need to be this week, so we can move forward on what needs to be done.

So that's the latest for today. What's in store for tomorrow? More of the usual- contacting police/fire, reaching new anniversary sponsors, auction items, date auction stuff, have a grant to work on- I think there is more, but I'm forgetting. Now off to write my list for tomorrow, then a bit of the Tonight Show and bed. There was a lot of work that I didn't get to today- so I have a lot to catch up on tomorrow. So until next time friends- and hopefully I'll be able to report on all the productive things that happen tomorrow!

I was thinking today about inspiration. I'm always inspired by people

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