Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Auction Item

Greetings! Sorry for not blogging yesterday- I didn't get home until late (out to dinner with my Meet Up group). So what's new? It's been a funky week- on the good side, we got an awesome auction item yesterday. It's a package from the Worcester Sharks (minor league hockey team for the San Jose Sharks). It includes a game used autographed hockey stick, 4 tickets to a game, commemorative inaugural season program, locker room tour (hopefully when players are there!) and warm up bench visit (again- hopefully when players are there!). It is a really cool auction item and goes into the category of ones that I wish I could bid on. We also got another good item today- it's a skydiving jump from a school in Pepperell. The only restriction is that the person has to buy one jump (cost $225), then gets a free jump which is transferable to another person. It is still a good deal because I can't imagine that most people go skydiving by themselves. That item goes into the category of items that I would never bid on- I have enough trouble getting into a jet.

In other good news- we have some new sponsors on board for the Anniversary Celebration which is great. Now, in the not good category falls the date auction. Issues that I thought were resolved in January, are apparently totally unresolved. The event is definitely happening, so that is not an issue, but there are other major issues relative to sponsorship. What's the lesson to be learned here? When a contract is not signed immediately- that means there are issues and those issues need to be addressed promptly. Now, this is basic and I already knew it- but things happened (or didn't happen), and now a lot of time has progressed and I'm basically back to almost the same position we were in 4 months ago. Except it's a lot worse because there is a lot less time. Anyways, we can't turn back the clock and do things differently, but my goal is to get this outstanding issue resolved this week. Because the more it drags on, the larger the problem gets.

Well, that's it for tonight. I just finished my grapefruit- so good! Now off to write my list (I've been slipping a little with my list writing this week), then off to bed. Until next time..

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