Friday, May 16, 2008

Phone Calls

Just a quick post for tonight- it is pretty late. There was a nice thing that happened today. I have a list of potential new sponsors for our Anniversary Celebration that I've been working from- there is a person on the list who works locally as a CPA. Now, I've been working on this list for almost two weeks and have kept hesitating about calling her. I thought I had met her at a Chamber event, but wasn't completely sure. Calling small businesses for financial donations is difficult- it's way more difficult than asking for gift certificates or auction items. Even though I have been doing this for a little while, the fear of rejection always lies close to the surface. Obviously, one just gets over that and makes the phone calls, but it still is far from easy. Anyways, so I finally picked up the phone and made the call this afternoon. I was so glad I did! It turns out she knew me and was familiar with Project Smile. She remembered me from when I went door to door selling our calendars a few years ago. I had no recollection of meeting her then. She had experience with her child receiving a stuffed animal from a fire fighter, so she was very understanding of our work. She happily agreed to help sponsor our event with a $50 donation. I was so happy! I was also a little annoyed with myself for wasting time getting up the nerve to make the calls- but the end result is the most important. It is also motivating me to keep going with the phone calls and reach as many businesses as possible.

Well, I know that was a short posting, but I'm getting really tired- I'm working on getting to bed earlier during the week, but that isn't going too well. Have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow- as well as cleaning up my office which looks like a bomb was detonated underneath it. So until next time friends..

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