Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake- that was the auction item of the day! Cold Stone Creamery and Dairy Queen both are on board for gift certificate donations for ice cream cakes. I was back at work on auction items for the anniversary celebration- I hadn't worked on that for a little while, but it worked out well. Sometimes, when you don't work on things for a bit, it can be difficult to get back into the groove- but today I picked up right where I left off. A cool thing happened today- I actually had a local business call me today offering to donate gift certificates for our auction. How often does that happen? Hardly ever. The area sales director from a large hotel chain called me and said that she had heard about Project Smile and wanted to help with an overnight stay complete with breakfast at two of their hotels. She was really nice and enthusiastic. We may be able to hold some of our future events with them too.

What else is new? Tote bags! I want to do tote bags with the Project Smile logo and website on it. Tote bags are all the new thing, so I think it would be awesome to have our own bags to sell. It is good marketing as well- helps get our name out there as much as possible. I was doing some internet research late this afternoon, looking to find a good bag at a nice price. I think we would sell them for $3 or $4. I want to have them by the Anniversary Celebration, actually it would be better to have them by the date auction as well- that means I need to get on that and get them ordered pretty quickly so I can have them for the date auction.

So things went pretty well today. The only downside was that I drove to a photo shoot for the calendar and the officer wasn't there. I thought we had gotten safely through this year's photo shoot without having a no-show, but evidently not. It was annoying because with gas prices, I've been really trying to cut back on extra driving and I need to get the photos wrapped up asap and I was also in the middle of a lot of work when I left. Anyways, I hope we can get it rescheduled.

Well, that's about it for tonight. Tomorrow is an all office day- I don't have to go anywhere and want to get a ton of things done- auction items, date auction items, press release, more date auction work, police/fire calls, continue with the office clean up and more. So, on that note, I am going to write my list for tomorrow- which is going to contain a lot of items from Monday and Tuesday's list that I still hadn't gotten to. I need to make sure I exercise tomorrow morning- haven't done it in a few days and I miss it- don't miss the exercise part, but miss how it makes me feel and want to keep going with the arm muscle building!
So until tomorrow friends...

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