Monday, July 28, 2008

Lost Time and a Messy Desk

Welcome to a new week! What a day- honestly, it was pretty frustrating. It felt like it flew by and by the end of the day, I was still left with an incredibly messy desk, a bunch of emails to sort through, date auction work and more. I was working hard, but don't know how much I got accomplished.

One of my priorities today was to straighten out my office- my desk is a mess and I have a lot of small things that need to be finished up, which would mean that they would then disappear from the top of my desk. I stopped at Wal Mart today before I went shopping for New Food Monday and bought a few more desk organizer items. They were pretty cheap and good quality and I think it will help organize all the files and paperwork that I have going on my desk. I know this desk talk sounds trivial, but it is important to have a properly functioning desk/office. The Wal Mart purchases are still in bags on the floor, however. I was planning on sorting things out tonight, but got caught up with other things- primarily date auction things, which is important of course, but didn't help the desk mess.

Tomorrow, I'll be out for a while- I'm in Boston at the Bruins for the check presentation photo. I'm really looking forward to it. The only downside is that there are a ton of things I need to get done here and not sure how much I'll get done by the time I get back. That's the worst thing about having no one to delegate to.

In good news, the calendar photos arrived at Lisa's- the graphic designer. In not so good news, that last ad spot is still unsold and I don't know what to do. I don't have any viable options for sponsors and the people who were going to help sell that spot haven't come through. I feel like I made some mistakes with the calendar ads and reaching out to new sponsors- primary mistake was relying on other people to find sponsors for some of the spots. Some people did come through, which is great, but others haven't and that's why I'm in this position. It gets so frustrating because I can't do everything myself- I've been spending a lot of time finding new anniversary event sponsors, so I did rely on others coming through for the calendar. I'm not giving up on it however, the ad needs to be sold.

Well, that's about it for tonight. I was planning on exercising since I probably won't have time in the morning, but I want to get to bed relatively early and I'm getting pretty tired. I wish things had worked out better today- I feel like I didn't take control of the day. Anyways, tomorrow will be better. Now off to write my list which will probably be two pages long (yes, I exaggerate, but it is long) and will contain a lot of the things I was supposed to do today.
Until next time friends... P.S. We are at 10 tickets sold for the date auction. A good start!

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