Thursday, July 31, 2008

Steady Day

So what's new? It was a pretty quiet day- worked steadily on quite a few things. I was working on auction items. I called and sent letters to quite a few businesses, so hopefully I should have some good news in a few weeks. I got the run around from a large shoe store that I called to ask about gift card donations. The manager referred me to their company's website to apply for a donation, telling me that they get hundreds of requests a week (sounds like a little exaggeration). I spent ten minutes on the site, trying to find the donation section and finally called him back to ask for help. He was obviously annoyed that I called back and refers me to their customer service line, which then gives me the corporate office, who gives me a woman who transfers me to another woman- I left a voicemail with her, so I'm hoping that she calls back soon. Obviously, I don't expect every business to donate something, but I also don't expect to be given the runaround, particularly with a large business that should have a process in place since one store gets "hundreds of requests a week."

Our pearl necklace from Iridesse is ready to be picked up! I called the manager today to see if she coul email me a photo of the necklace that we can put on our site. She emailed it to me and told me it was ready as well! It is a very pretty necklace- multi colored strands, retail value of $225. I'll try and paste the photo into my blog- OK, I think it will publish the photo at the top. I'm not sure the photo does it enough justice, it is definitely a lovely necklace.

I was back at work on finding more sponsors for the anniversary event. I didn't have too much success. I did call one company, a Hopedale based company that works with coffee places to maintain their equipment, I think they sell equipment as well. I'm not completely sure. Anyways, he was very pleasant and although he isn't able to do a financial donation, he will donate a gift bag for the auction. It's great when people help, everything makes a difference.

It was kind of funny today- I received a phone call from a local officer to schedule calendar photos- he has been in the calendar with his kids every year. It was funny because I had been calling him and leaving messages for the longest time and hadn't heard anything back- I had finally given up this week. I am persistent, but there comes a point in time when I'm not going to call anymore (yes, even I give up!). So after I figured he just wasn't interested, he called today and apologized for taking so long. So, we're doing the photos tomorrow morning and I'm glad that he is back on board.

I did work on other things today, but can't remember- so annoying when I forget stuff. Honestly, it must sound like I have Alzheimer's or something, I really don't! It just happens when I get tired. I noticed last night that my blogger site must be set to the wrong time zone, it always gives my post time an hour earlier than when I actually post it. It doesn't matter of course, just something I noticed.

Well, that's about it for tonight. I'm off to write my list- I was so tired last night that I forgot to write my list. I usually write it when I'm in bed, right before I go to sleep. Anyways, off I go. Until next time friends...

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