Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ticket Sales!

I am so happy! We have our first date auction ticket sales! I came home tonight and checked my email and there was a confirmation email from Paypal showing that someone had purchased two tickets to the event. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is a really big deal to me. I have worked so hard on this event, been through so many ups and downs, it's been a lot of stress, so to see these tickets sold tonight- it is such a validation for all the work. I actually had tears in my eyes- I was so happy to see the ticket sale. The thing is, I never doubted this will be an awesome event, that was never the issue. It is a terrific event. The issue was with the event planning- getting a venue, making sure it was on the right direction (it wasn't for a while), recruiting singles to auction off, finding sponsors, finding gift certificate donors, finding silent auction items, marketing (still working on that), and so on. I worry that things are going to fall apart and I will be left without an event or an event that no one shows up to.

So what else is new? I didn't get a lot of office things done today because I was at Raytheon participating in their community organizations day. A friend of mine arranged for our participation- we had a table at the event and collected stuffed animals, cash donations and gave out info about Project Smile. It went well and I was glad that we were included. I came home and spent most of the remainder of the afternoon working on date auction things.

Last night, before I fell asleep, I was thinking about how we need a new display designed for us- we use them at events to promote Project Smile. Michelle did a really nice one for us about couple of years ago, but it is starting to look a little worn and it needs to be updated with all the new info about Project Smile. So this morning, when I first saw our table at Raytheon, I was so impressed with the terrific poster they had done to promote us- it was large, well designed, high quality printing on glossy matte board and just very professional. When I was driving home, I got on the phone to Lisa, our graphic designer and asked her to work on a display for us. I need to get her the info, but she will do all the design work. It really is important to have a high quality display that showcases our work in a professional manner. Staples usually gives good deals, so I think I'll be able to get ir printed for a good price.

Well, I'm off to bed write my list and go to bed- I was planning on exercising when I got home tonight, but I'm getting tired. I really wanted to read some more of my Joyce Carol Oates book too, but my eyes are hurting. I have a ton of work tomorrow- a lot of date auction things to work on (sorting out the info for the people that signed up to be auctioned off), following up on more anniversary event sponsors and auction items, finalizing the calendar photos that we're going to use, Rhode Island State Police photos in the afternoon, and more- but I can't remember it all.

Coast guard photos came out awesome- it is going to be so hard to choose just a few to use. I still have that last advertising spot and we only have a week to go- it is really down to the wire and I need help.

Anyways, enough thinking, I need to go to sleep. Until next time...

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