Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to Progress

Things were a lot better today. The day started out well with a phone call from Spirit Airlines- we are receiving a donation of 2 round trip tickets as a silent auction item during our date auction. This is our first big ticket auction item for the date auction. Then, in other good news, my friend Michelle called me this morning and said she would donate two pairs of Celtics tickets- one pair for a couple at our date auction and another pair for our Anniversary Celebration. That is really good news too. We have special gift certificates for the bachelor/ettes that go for the highest amounts, so that will definitely be one of the special items. We still have a long way to go for items but we are moving forward and that was good news today. We also got a committment for another restaurant gift certificate- it was a restaurant that donated last time. I need to get back to focusing on finding financial sponsors for the event and also working on donors for the gift bags. I don't know how far I want to go with items for the gift bags- it is an extensive amount of time to spend hunting for donors, but since we are going to have PS tote bags debuted at the event, we do need some cool stuff to put inside the bags. I already have a few companies on board to donate bag items, but I definitely still need more items. However, priority one is finding financial sponsors.

I was making a lot of outreach phone calls to police/fire departments today and scheduled two donations- one to Saugus Police next week and Orange Police the following week. I also have a lot of follow up calls that need made tomorrow.

What else is new? I was working on more auction items for the Anniversary Celebration- I picked up one item today and got a commitment for 2 other items. I got a very nice email back from a guy who owns a local store- it turns out he is also a volunteer FF and was very happy to donate a gift certificate for our event.

I attended the monthly DWC networking event tonight. It was a really good event- as always. Diane, who founded the organization, attended and I got to meet her for the first time. We are already FB friends, so it was kind of funny to actually meet someone who I already felt familiar with- even if it was entirely online. She was very friendly and engaging. I always admire people who start their own businesses and I particularly admire people who present themselves with grace and elegance and make everything seem so effortless. Everything takes effort, but when you can make things look calm, seamless and beautiful- that is the mark of true success. I don't know if I make things look effortless- I think I speak about PS effortlessly because it is so true to my heart and I think that our events are very well organized, but there are certain things that could be more polished. I think that the ability to make things look easy comes with experience and with confidence.

Anyways, I am tired and need to sleep- I just had a little bit of cheddar cheese and I'm fighting off the urge to have some more- this time with crackers. It is 1am and I really don't need food. I'm visiting that nursing home in Ashland tomorrow and working on all the other things that need attention. Until tomorrow..

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Miss Powers said...

Yay for your awesome friend!! <3 <3 I love Project Smile!