Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good News

Greetings! So what's new? Well, let's start with good news. Southwest Airlines is donating two round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the USA for our Anniversary Celebration. They donated last year, so this is great news. That is a big ticket auction item. So far, we are doing really well with auction items- we still have a long way to go, but I am relieved. The Improper Bostonian also committed to donating a gift bag for the date auction as well and we received harbor cruise passes for two couples yesterday. Tomorrow, I need to review all the items we have- I obviously have a list of everyone that donated, but some businesses have donated enough for two couples, so I need to compile a separate list. I believe that we have enough certificates for 10 couples, we need to get to 40, so we still have a long way to go, but it is a good start.

What else is happening? I did our donation to Saugus Police today, so now we are working with 145 departments. I need to get back to contacting more departments. I didn't get to it today and yesterday was a tough day to reach people- a lot of people were out because of the holiday and those that were working didn't seem to be in the best mood.

I was thinking about the date auction when I was driving to Saugus today- I was running through the event in my head and thinking about ways to improve it. I've had some good suggestions from a few people that I was thinking about implementing. The event is already awesome, but there are always ways to improve. The most important thing right now is financial sponsorship. We haven't reached our goal yet and there are a lot more businesses that need to be contacted.

I feel like I'm behind on things- police/fire outreach, calendar sponsors, date auction and anniversary event sponsors, grants- pretty much everything. It's funny, because even when things are going well, I feel like I'm behind. There are always some many things that need done and I never get to all of it- which is a constant source of frustration.

Anyways friends, tiredness is setting in- it is 12:28 and I need to sleep. My eyes are hurting. It has been some late nights recently and I've been feeling it during the day, so tonight I'm trying to go to bed earlier. Until tomorrow..

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