Monday, April 13, 2009

No Progress

Well, it wasn't a very good day. I was struggling something awful this morning and even once I got going there wasn't any good news to report. I didn't get through to anyone with auction items or get to speak with anyone about other work things. I'm working on calendar ad sales but things were a little dicey with that today. I felt really off my game this morning- I made a business phone call, but totally garbled what I was trying to say and ended up sounding slightly stupid. Thankfully by the time I got connected to the right person, I picked up the pace and was OK, but it still wasn't up to my normal performance. I don't mean to sound like a debbie downer, but it was just that things were tough today. I was worried about a personal matter and that was weighing on me and I didn't sleep very well, which always makes problems seem worse.

I feel like I'm really behind where we need to be for the beginning of April. I haven't contacted any sponsors for the anniversary celebration, we're very behind on calendar ad sales, we're behind on the number of police/fire departments that I wanted us to reach and I'm struggling with getting gift certificate donations for the date auction. I have had a lot of rejections lately. I think I need to focus more on the less high end restaurants and try to get donations from more affordable restaurants that are doing better business. Last year, I struggled to get gift certificates donated as well, so this is hardly a new thing. So far, there hasn't been anyone who donated last year who is not on board for this year.

I know it is OK to have days like this- the most important thing is to leave today behind, write my list and get back on track tomorrow and have a successful day. I have a lot of things that I need to pick up the pace with tomorrow so we can stay on track- police/fire outreach, calendar sales, anniversary event sponsors, date auction sponsors and auction items for both events all need attention tomorrow. There are other things that need work as well, but those are the top priorities.

Well, I'm off to bed. It is an early night, 12:11. I was going to read for a little bit, but my eyes are hurting and I really need to sleep. Until tomorrow friends- which I know will be a lot better day.

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