Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Small Steps

So what's new? Well, today does not fall into the most productive category. I got a bit of a late start and really struggled with things this morning- things were taking longer than they needed to get accomplished and I wasn't getting through to anyone which doesn't help. Things picked up in the afternoon and I did make some progress, particularly with auction items. We have commitments from a new donor and two more donors from last year. I am making progress on the calendar ads as well- two months are all set, that only leaves 11 more ads to go. There are 3 spots that I am really worried about- they all went to banks last year, but two of those banks are in the process of merging and one has been unresponsive lately.

We got another gift certificate for the date auction as well which was good- we still have a long way to go though- we need enough gift certificates for 40 couples. Another one of the organization's that sponsored last year's date auction is back on board with a sponsorship trade. They are promoting our event on their website and newsletter and donating auction and raffle items.

I was at a networking event tonight in Boston. It was a pretty good event and I think I made a couple of good connections that I'm going to follow up with tomorrow. There was a fellow there who works with one of our sponsors from last year's date auction. He was very interested in our cause and said he would put in a good word for us. I haven't actually contacted them for this year's support, but it was already on my list for this week, so I'm going to reach out tomorrow.

It's funny- I didn't think that I accomplished very much today, but now that I'm writing about it, I've realized that I actually did get a good amount of things done today. It wasn't a great day- more could definitely have been done, but it wasn't a waste. Well, it is midnite and I'm craving crackers and cheese- not really in the grapefruit mood tonight, so I'm going to go and munch- until tomorrow...

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