Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Donations and Volunteers

Well, today was a busy day. This morning I was following up with police departments that I had reached out to, but hadn't heard back from. It is so important to follow up- the first call that I made was to an department that I had reached out to last month. The first thing the contact said was 'I'm so glad you called- I've been meaning to get back to you.' They definitely wanted the items for children, so we scheduled a donation for next week. People do get busy and wrapped up with other things, so it is so important to keep following up and reaching out. It can be easy to forget that sometimes and take the lack of communication personally. It also gets annoying some times because of the amount of time that I have to spend following up with people, but that's just the nature of business. Although, if I had a dime for every time I told someone (or wrote in an email) that I was following- I really don't think we would have to worry about money- ever.

Here is a photo from today's donation to Boston PD. I'm working on doing a donation there every other month. It is the largest police department that we work with. We donated 100 coloring books/crayons and reading books and over 200 stuffed animals. A BPD crime scene photographer actually took this photo. We did the photo outdoors and he was driving by- the Sgt. that I work with stopped him and asked him to take the photo. He joked that he wasn't used to taking photos of people vertical!

In good news- I got a referral this morning from Volunteer Match- I just renewed our account yesterday. I put a posting about looking for assistance with our Anniversary Celebration and a woman responded. It turned out that she has experience with marketing, so I thought that it might be better to see if she was interested in working on the Date Auction. We spoke on the phone this afternoon and she was very enthusiastic. She lives in CT, but this is all work that can be done remotely, so that isn't an issue. I sent her the info to get started. We had a good conversation, I think things will work out well. The Date Auction is such an awesome event for businesses that want to reach young professionals. It will be great to have help with reaching out to sponsors. I'm glad that I renewed our Volunteer Match account!

Well friends, my headache that I had earlier tonight has come back and I'm going to hit the fridge for something good. I've been holding off on my desire for DQ soft serve and the even stronger desire for cheese- there is some really delicious cheese sitting in the fridge. I might just settle for my usual grapefruit. Trying to keep it healthy folks! I think the cheese might win out over grapefruit right now- I can still have that later. (ah, the dilemmas that I face). Until tomorrow friends...

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