Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Good Start for March

Well, March is off to a good start. The best news this week is that Steve Aveson, morning news anchor on NECN is going to host our 6th Annual Project Smile Date Auction! He was the guest speaker at our Anniversary Celebration and gave a wonderful, touching speech. He also loves to host auctions- he helped host part of our live auction at the event and did a great job. I think he will do an awesome job hosting the Date Auction. I'm really excited about. Now, I need to find a cohost. It really is a job for two people. We auction off 40 people and it takes a lot of energy. If you have two hosts they can split it up and they can work off each other as well to keep the crowd going. We've always had two hosts. It was even more awesome because I emailed Steve in the morning and he responded within 10 minutes that he would love to host. There is nothing better than someone who responds promptly- it really is great. I spend so much time waiting to hear back from people and following up constantly, so when people are actually responsive, it is fantastic!

So what else is going on? I did a donation yesterday to Lowell Police. Here is a photo from that donation. We donated over 250 stuffed animals, books and coloring books/crayons. We've been donating to Lowell for a long time. I think our first donation was in 2004. I've actually know the officer in the photo from one of our first donations. I hadn't seen him in a few years. The frog looks like he is under arrest- sitting in the backseat like that. That was an accident, but it is pretty funny.

I still haven't done any more work on the big grant which is due in April. I'm not a procrastinator, so I really don't know why it is taking so long to get cracking on this thing. Well, it's because I get wrapped up with other tasks. Tomorrow, I will stop delaying and actually get work done.

I got an email today from a woman in Kentucky who is helping with relief efforts for families who were victims of those horrific tornadoes recently. She asked if I could send some stuffed animals that she could give out to the children. I wrote back that we would be happy to send some. She got back to me tonight with more details. It's great that we can help out, even in a small way. It must be so horrible to lose your home and all your stuff- I can't even imagine. Hopefully, these stuffed animals will help make a difference.

Well, there is more to write about, but my eyes are hurting and I'm getting tired. I got a new book from the library which I really want to start, but I don't know how much more concentrating I can do. I have so much that I need to work on tomorrow, I really should get an early night. I've been going to bed a bit earlier recently (not last night) and it has been making a difference in the morning. I need to write my list as well- half of which will be a repeat of the items that were on today's list! Anyways friends- until tomorrow...

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