Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Happenings

Greetings friends! So what's the latest? Well, despite promising myself that I was going to make progress on the big grant, I did not do any actual work on it besides staring at the grant and mentally answering some of the questions. Now, anyone who has ever been in school knows that mentally answering the question doesn't really help a situation- at some point, the answers have to actually make it on to paper. I did find out that the grant is actually due earlier than I thought- April 1 not mid- April. It will get done and it won't get done last minute, but I do need to commit the time to it now. The problem was that I opened the grant after lunch and looked at it, then I looked at my to-do list and decided that I should spend a few minutes working on date auction sponsors. However, that few minutes turned into much longer than that. By the time I turned back to grant work, it was late afternoon and I was tired. The good news is that I did connect with one potential date auction sponsor today who was really interested in being involved with the event- they even suggested having one of their employees be auctioned off. It is great when you talk to a potential sponsor who is really into the event- I was telling her about the couple that got married and had their first baby last fall. She thought that was great. I will keep you posted when I hear back- hopefully with good news!

I finally made a decision on the gift bags for the Date Auction. It took me a month to decide on what color bags we should use. I wanted to do a new color- a hot pink or red, but the company I work with didn't have a good shade of red or a hot pink. I then couldn't decide between repeating the blue bags that we did last year or the purple ones from the year before. I honestly spent the better part of a month going back and forth about which bag to use. I love the blue bag- it is my favorite of the two. The color is bright and vibrant and looks great. However, I didn't want to repeat the color two years in a row. It is important that people see our event as fresh- even though it is the same event every year, so I wanted to rotate the color. The purple is a great color too, so guests are definitely getting a good looking bag. It may sound like a trivial thing- and compared to other things related to the events, it is trivial- but it is the small details that make the bigger event successful.

In other good news- Miss Massachusetts is going to be a special guest at our Anniversary Celebration. I'm really happy about that. She is always a lovely addition to our event. I've always been impressed by the women that I've met who hold that title- they are very friendly, poised, professional and sincere. They do a great job at events.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I was going to go back and do some more work, but I'm getting tired. I'm going to read for a bit- and not eat any more of the cheddar cheese and pretzel crisps that I've just been snacking on- so good! Until next time friends...

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