Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goodbye March

Well, we are about to say goodbye to March. The month got off to a bit of a rough start, but it ended up being another productive month and we're chugging along quite nicely. Of course, things can always be better- more grants, more sponsors, more auction items... I can go on for a while. But, you have to be realistic and realistically, we're doing fine. In good news- my feverish hunt for new anniversary sponsors this week has paid off, I received an email late this afternoon from a local sponsor who will be partnering with us for the event. In other good news, I had reached out to a different local company to sponsor and the person who I spoke with (who doesn't handle charitable donations) emailed me later that day and told me that she and her husband have a catering company and they would like to donate desserts for the Anniversary Celebration. How nice is that? It doesn't happen very often that people offer donations like that without being solicited. I checked with the hotel to make sure we could bring in additional desserts (we already bring in a cake), they were fine with that. I really want to make our 10th Anniversary Celebration the best event ever. It really is exciting to be celebrating 10 years!

April is going to be an exciting month. We have our Smiling Stiletto Step into Spring fashion show fundraiser on April 25 at Copley Place. This is a wonderful event- Jackie Bruno from NECN is hosting. Guests get to enjoy the fashion show and a cocktail party with complimentary appetizers, cocktails and desserts. Tix are only $20 and all the proceeds benefit Project Smile and the Simon Youth Foundation. We're looking for help in getting the word out, so please spread the word to your friends who love fashion, want to help a great cause and will enjoy a fun night out! Here is a photo from the shoe walk-off competition last year at our fall show.
The link for details and tix is:

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to eat another one of the delicious & relatively healthy muffins that I made earlier- they are raspberry & chocolate muffins made without butter or eggs. I added blueberries to the recipe this time and they are even better. Ah, there is nothing like good food! Until next time friends...

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