Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to Work

I hope everyone had a great 4th July holiday. I took a few days off and also somehow managed to forget that I had a calendar photo shoot scheduled on Saturday morning. I had it written down- I had looked at it a few days before and forgot about it until 5 hours after I was supposed to be at the station. I called the officer and he was really nice about it. I was so apologetic- it is pretty bad to forget about a photo shoot. I was glad that he was so pleasant about it. We're going to reschedule for another day.

Still no word about the grant that I've been waiting to hear back about- the one that asked for my W-9 certificate. I didn't get a rejection letter, but it isn't looking good to not hear any news. It definitely doesn't make sense to ask for that form if you're not going to fund us, but who knows what happened.

In other news, we have another sponsor confirmed for the Date Auction. Sometimes, I feel like I get sponsors committed by sheer nagging ability (or, in more polite terms- my ability to "follow up").  I know it is true though-  almost every donation we get requires following up- some donations require an extensive amount of following up. This new sponsor is a fashion company- I met the owner at an event a couple of months ago. It is great to have a new sponsor on board.

In some other Date Auction news, I visited the police academy last week to recruit bachelors/ettes for the Date Auction. It is always fun to visit the academy. They are very formal, but they do relax after a bit- especially when I start talking about the Date Auction. I got a bunch signed up, now I just need them to send in their info for the program and marketing. There is a new Academy class starting soon, so I will probably be heading over to recruit at that one as well.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm not sure why I am so tired. I'm going to head to bed early (ah, famous last words). Before I go- a shout out to Wimbledon winner Andy Murray. His win, the first for my birthland in 77 years, was inspirational.  I was glued to the game yesterday- it was an awesome game to watch. Until tomorrow friends..

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