Monday, July 22, 2013

Latest and Greatest

So what's the latest friends? Well, in good news- we received a $2,500 grant from the Boston Bruins Foundation! That was the grant that I had been waiting to hear the amount that we were approved for.  Last year, we were rejected for funding and the Foundation receives a ton of applications- we had some stiff competition, so the although they weren't able to fund it in full- the fact that we got anything is excellent. I emailed the coordinator at the Foundation to see if I could come in so we could do a photo that we can include in our press release. It always makes a difference to have a photo to send along to the newspaper. Even besides the actual money, it is great to know that an organization as well known as the Boston Bruins Foundation has chosen to support our work again.

In other news- I scheduled our next donation to DCF for next week. Last week, we did another donation to a Worcester family shelter. I'm also working on scheduling our next donation to another organization that runs shelters in the Metro West area. Things are so busy with getting ready for our events and calendar, I need to make sure to keep our with our donations. I also need to get working on a new grant. We were turned down for another grant that I applied for, so I need to keep moving on new applications.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. There's lots more to write about, but I need to catch up on emails for our next Smiling Stiletto Shoe Club event- these events have been great small fundraisers for Project Smile. We have our vendor fees donated to PS and % of sales at events go to PS as well. I'm also holding off the urge to eat some more delicious cheese and crackers- I think I might will power might be withering! Until tomorrow friends..

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