Thursday, July 25, 2013

Polly Progress

Well friends, if I had a dime- just a dime- for every time today that I wrote or said that I was "following up" or "checking in"- I would have had an amazing fundraising day.  It was one of those days that I mostly dedicated to following up with people on all different topics. I was supposed to do photos in Cambridge with the ambulance company that sponsors our calendar, but it was raining and I rescheduled it to next week. In good news, we got a commitment tonight for a new Date Auction sponsor, which I am really happy about. It is a member of of the women's networking group that I'm a member of. We have exceeded our sponsorship record for the Date Auction this year. I think that is definitely a sign of economic recovery. We've also been getting some more great bachelors/ettes sending in their info to participate. It really is a good looking group this year!

Tomorrow morning, I'm off to North Seekonk to do calendar photos with children who are part of a mom's group. Hopefully, the weather will be OK and we won't have to reschedule. We already had to reschedule it once because of rain.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. As usual, there is lots more to write about, but I'm getting tired and can't remember anything. I'm on a mission to get as much wrapped up as I can before the end of the month, so that we're in the best place possible as we start the new month. Polly Progress will be back in full force tomorrow folks! Until then.. I'm off to bed.

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