Monday, August 11, 2014

Latest and Greatest

Happy Monday friends! It was a weekend of delightful summer weather and that makes me happy! So what's new? Well, we got some awesome bachelors and bachelorettes signed up for the Date Auction over the last few days. I reached out to a huge nightlife promoter in Boston- we had met in person last December and he offered to help recruit eligible singles for this year's Date Auction. I messaged with him on Friday and he spread the word and got some cool people on board. They in turn have been reaching out to their contacts and helped get others on board. That is the best way to get participants. I'm so happy with the people that we've been getting. There is a beautiful local actress, dating & relationship coach with a huge following, a lawyer & restaurant owner and some other accomplished people- and they are all very easy on the eyes! If this keeps up, we're going to have our best group of bachelors/ettes ever. We still have some more spaces to fill, but we're looking good. I've added photos to our Events page, so check out the new pics!

I've been following up with sponsors to get their ads for the program and website. I checked in with Sofft Shoes and they are going to send me a pair of shoes to wear for the Date Auction again. They've been sending me shoes to wear for the past few years to wear for the event. It is a wonderful perk of the job! It is always fun to choose a pair of shoes- they have such cute styles. I think I've settled on a cute pair of black suede heels that are a Mary Jane style. Sofft does an awesome partnership with us where they donate 10 pairs of shoes worth up to $150 each. The 10 bachelors with the highest bids come with the Sofft Shoes gift card for the winning lady. It really helps drive up the bids.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I already had my fill of watermelon, so now I'm off to sort some stuffed animals that came in the mail. Until tomorrow friends...

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