Monday, August 4, 2008

Arm Muscle

Building a business is a little like building arm muscle. I know, that may sound a little inane, but let me explain. I was not one of those girls who is blessed with naturally toned upper arms- ever since I can remember I had jiggly, relatively weak, untoned arms and always disliked it. Over the years, I had done some upper body exercises, but never really stuck with it. So, a couple of yeara ago, after reading many articles about how important weight training is for women, I decided I was going to start exercising at home and build arm muscle. I bought some exercise DVDs and dusted off the 5pd weights I had purchased a few years before. I started exercising daily- cardio, weights, abs, etc. With the cardio, I could feel my endurance building, but I still didn't see any arm difference. However, I kept going and soon purchased 6 pound weights, then eventually 8 pound and most recently 10 pds. For the longest time, I saw no difference, but I kept with it. Then one day, I could see a little less flab and a bit more muscle- as time went by, the results became more obvious- until I saw muscle that I never knew I could have. Although I still don't have the perfectly toned arms that I want, they are much stronger and toned than I have ever had before. For me, it's the same type of effort that goes into building Project Smile. For the longest time, I saw little progress, particularly financially, but with constant hard work and through never giving up, the results came- and just like there is more arm muscle to build, there is still somuch more to be accomplished with Project Smile.

Can you tell I just finished working out tonight?? So what's new? Well, I'm running into a date auction issue. We need more men to sign up! This is kind of funny, since until recently, I had hardly any ladies signed up. Now, we have almost 17 women confirmed to participate and I'm still waiting for confirmations from a good number of men that signed up, but haven't responded to my emails/messages. Until they send me their info, I can't consider them confirmed to participate.

Our web guy (who is awesome), put the photos of the ladies on our website- it looks fantastic. They are a great group of ladies. I got more photos in tonight, so there should be some more on our site too. The frustrating thing is that the guys who did sign up are really slow to send photos- most of them say they don't have any. I ran into the same issue last year with trying to get photos from the guys.

What else is going on today? It was a little frustrating today, because I felt the day slipped away and I didn't get half the things accomplished that I wanted to. I did get Hopedale PD photos done which was great. The officer has 3 cute little kids- his wife was pregnant last year, so it was cool to get the baby in the photos as well. I don't even remember what else I got done besides date auction things and working on some auction items. The other thing which has been a problem lately is I fall asleep before I write my list at night. Without a list, I struggle- not because I can't think of what to do, but because I have so many things to do, I don't know what to do first or I'll spend a ton of time on one thing and don't get to the 12 other things I need to do as well (this happens a lot).

So, I am now going to write my list, then read for a bit (still on the same Joyce Carol Oates book- it is so good) and bed. Tomorrow is a mostly office day which is greatly needed. Then in the late afternoon, I'm doing Grafton PD photos. We are almost done with photos!
Until tomorrow friends...

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