Thursday, August 21, 2008

Calendar Arrived

Greetings! The precious envelope carrying our calendar disk arrived this morning. I didn't drive it up to Rockland yet, the printer was out today, so I'll be bringing it up there tomorrow. Tomorrow, I also get to pick up our anniversary celebration invitations- I am so excited to see them! Staples is donating the printing which is awesome, because otherwise there is no way we could afford color invitations. Lisa did a terrific job with the invites- it really makes a difference having professionals taking care of things. Talking about that- I love our web host/designer. He is doing such an awesome job with our site, it is fantastic. I was driving myself crazy last night and today trying to get our newsletter sent out with this new email marketing company that we're using- Constant Contact. Our web guy recommended it for our monthly newsletter. It is a good company, but since designing and web stuff is completely not my strong area, I was struggling. They have templates to follow for newsletters, but they are too complicated and I didn't want to change the format that we already have. So I was took the html format that Lisa sent over and was trying to paste it into the Constant Contact page- it was a disaster. Finally, I gave up and emailed Richard- gave him the log-in info and begged for his help. Less than an hour later, he had it all ready for me and is going to take over sending the newsletter out with Constant Contact and isn't charging any extra for his time- how nice is that? I don't have to create extra work for myself- love it!

So what else is new? I was planning on sort of taking it easy this half of the week- having a mini vacation. However, it is has been so busy and I've had such a lot to do during the week, I haven't taken any time off. I was doing a lot of date auction promo work, working on getting those extra gift certificates for the date auction, working on the halloween event, chasing other auction items promised, getting the ads together for the auction program, etc. Next week, I would like to take a couple of days and relax- after that it is going to be crazy busy until Christmas with regular work, the two huge events, Halloween event, calendar sales, grants due and so on.

One thing that is not going well is those replacement gift certificates that I'm scrambling to get for the date auction. It took so long to get the ones that we have, I don't know how I'm going to get all these new ones done.

Well, I'm getting tired- it was a busy day and then I had a meeting in Boston tonight. I was planning on posting our event on Going.Com tonight, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Off to the printers tomorrow, then picking up my beautiful invitations! Back to working on gift cert. hunting and following up on a million small things- I exaggerate, but it feels like a million to me. I think I'm going to bed early tonight, it's midnite- early for me! The silly thing is that even when I plan on going to bed earlier, it never seems to actually happen and I usually end up in bed later than usual. Anyways, enough bedtime discussion- it's not that interesting. So until next time friends...

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