Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Calendar In Flight

Our calendar is en route- flying somewhere over the country as I write- making its way from Bakersfield, CA (where Lisa is) to Hopedale (where I am), to be driven eagerly to Rockland (where the printer is). Of course, Lisa could send it directly to the printer, but I prefer to bring it there myself, so I know that he has it and he can look at the file and make sure everything is all set. I am excited that it is all ready to go. It was a tough haul getting those ads sold and it is always stressful to get the photo shoots lined up, however, I love doing the photos- and I do miss that part. The calendar does look terrific and I can't wait to see the blueline proof and then the print copy! Of course, then the calendar sales start, but that is another story- let's just enjoy this moment.

What else is new today? Not a ton of things- I was working on chasing down more anniversary auction items that were promised, finalizing the proof for the anniversary invitation, doing the final calendar check, setting up our account with an online service that does email marketing- we'll be sending our newsletters out through them. I was struggling with the templates for a long time tonight, I think I finally made some progress, but I need some help- pleading phone call to web host tomorrow! I can't remember what else I did today- obviously I did more than that- but I'm drawing a blank. I hate it when that happens- sometimes during the day something will happen or I'll think of something and will try to remind myself to write about it in my blog later.

There was one story that I did want to write about- a few months ago, when I was working on finding sponsors for our anniversary celebration, I called a local funeral home and the owner who I spoke with said he would do a $50 donation and to call him in August. So I called a few weeks ago and he answered and told me I was calling at a bad time- he told me when to call back (a few days later). I called back and again he said he had a family coming in and it was a bad time- he told me to call on Friday, which I did. He then tells me that "you always call at a bad time". He told me to call at the beginning of the week- I called Monday and was informed that the guy was away until Friday. Unreal! I was holding a spot in the invitation for his business, needless to say, I won't hold that spot anymore. But I will keep calling, because a promise is a promise and since he is obviously busy, he has the finances to make a $50 donation. What boggles me is how people can be so rude- he knew he was going to be away and he could have easily talked to me when I called before- because it would take less than a minute- no exaggeration. I know he obviously doesn't want to make the donation, but he did promise it and even if he did change his mind, it is really rude to play games with people and make them keep calling like a fool. I told my mom that should I die, no way in hell was I to be sent to that funeral home.

Well friends, that's it for tonight. I'm off to write my list- lot of promo work for the date auction tomorrow, police/fire calls, more auction item chasing- still no word on those questionable gift certificates, volunteer search for date auction helpers, a lot of Halloween planning (translation- choosing my costume- ha, kidding!), date auction program work, maybe taking a ride to Rockland if my calendar comes in before 1pm, write my August newsletter, send thank you notes- yikes, I'm tired already! Good night...

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