Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Monday

So what's new? Well, today was a lot of chasing- chasing down people to get their ads for the date auction program, chasing people that signed up for the date auction and haven't sent me their complete info, chasing auction items that were promised, but not yet received- if I was burning calories with all the chasing I do, I would be the skinniest little bean ever. And how did this chasing go? I got some date auction info squared away, but still waiting on quite a few ads for the auction program. It has been really hard to reach people these last few days (weekend aside of course!), I think a lot of people are on vacation. Even people that usually always get back to me quickly, I'm not hearing from. It does get frustrating, because there are some people that I really need to speak with urgently- one group in particular that I want to work with on promoting the date auction.

I would like to take a few days off too. I don't really go on vacation. Last year, I went out to visit my friend in Cleveland for a couple of days in June and before that, the last time I went away on vacation was in 2004 to Montreal. It is primarily financial reasons that I don't get to travel. The other problem is that there is a ton of work to do here and I don't really have time to go away. However, the nice thing about my job is the flexibility- if I have to get something else done during the day, I can do it without worrying about getting permission from a boss. If I'm sick, I don't need a doctors note to take the day off and stay in bed- all things that I am grateful for. That being said, it would be great to take a few days off, relax, not worry about work and just chill. I did try to take a few off a few months ago, but by noontime, I had decided I was wasting the day and needed to work!

Anyways, enough talk about non-vacations. In other good news, we got a new anniversary event sponsor- Consigli Construction is on board as a Gold sponsor. Things have been going well with the anniversary event sponsorship- it has been a relief. In good date auction news, it looks like we will be onboard with Goldstar to help sell tickets for our event. The tickets are sold at a discounted rate, however, it is a great way to reach people that may not otherwise hear of our event.

Well, that's about it for tonight. I'm off to watch some more of the Olympics- I find it kind of addictive and so incredibly inspirational. It is awesome to watch people achieve their dreams and just to see the pure physical skill- so incredible. Then I have to write my list for tomorrow. There is a potential big issue with a gift certificate that was donated for the auction, so I'm hoping to get it resolved tomorrow. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, because if it doesn't work out, I will be scrambling- honestly, it will be more than scrambling, but lets not go there.

Off I go friends- write my list and watch the US men hopefully win a gymnastics medal- until tomorrow...

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