Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tiring Tuesday

Well, today was not a "day of excellence." I felt lousy this morning- I don't know what caused it, I woke up feeling fine, but started feeling sick. Things got better later, but I didn't get much work done this morning. This afternoon, I was at a taping of a local Milford cable show. One of our board members has a show on the local cable station where he interviews local people/topics of interest every two weeks, so he and the editor of one of the local papers featured Project Smile on the show. I think it went well- I hope I did a good job. It felt very relaxed and I think everything flowed well. I love talking about Project Smile anyways- could talk about it for hours. Sometimes, on the weekends particularly, I don't like talking about it as much, but the vast majority of the time, I'm always happy talking about work.

I was following up on auction items promised- I did get some good news- one of our coolest items is in the mail- I'll let you know when it arrives. I was also working on trying to get more gift certificates for the date auction- that issue I was talking about last night has not been fully resolved- so please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. I was also trying to get in contact with the website for date auction promotion, but still not getting much of a response. I get a response from one person, who keeps copies his emails to someone else who is supposed to be helping me, but I haven't heard from that person. It is frustrating because I really want to work with them.

I'm probably forgetting other things that happened today- I'm getting a headache again- probably a good idea to go to bed- it's getting late anyways 1:04 and I still have to write the list for tomorrow. It shouldn't take long since it is going to contain half the items from todays list. I also have to get some suppplies for the volunteering day that we're doing on Thursday with the children who are suffering from life threatening illnesses (more on that later).
Until tomorrow friends...

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