Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Too much driving today- actually too much sitting in traffic. I decided to go to Boston, because I had a feeling that it was better to get things done- I do believe in that old saying "there is no day like today, no time like the present." I did have important things to do- I picked up a $50 gift certificate for the date auction to Armhein's Restaurant in South Boston- it is a very old restaurant and I picked up the pearl necklace which is absolutely beautiful! The photo does it absolutely no justice, it is about 100 times prettier in person. Then I went to Allston to pick up the final version of our Project Smile song- finally it is all done! I am excited to debut it at the event. The frustrating thing was I spent so long sitting in traffic- Boston traffic- it took a half hour to drive 1.8 miles, then rush hour on the way home (almost got into an accident). I was gone almost the entire afternoon, then I had to rush out to do Holliston Fire photos and then back to Hopedale for a meeting. So the end result of today was a ton of office things that didn't get done. You can't imagine how I wish I had someone I could delegate some of this work to. If I had someone to help- they could have picked up the Boston items (actually, I needed to go and hear the song) or could have done the office work, so by the time I got back, all of the same things wouldn't be sitting there untouched.

OK, enough griping- it's all the same thing that I've talked about before and complaining won't help solve the problem. Money would solve the problem- money leads to staff which leads to growth which leads to national charity. Anyways, let's leave that topic alone- I'm too tired to think about financial issues.

I think the Holliston Fire photos went great, it is always good to have a new department featured. One of the guys had six kids and his wife was pregnant too- they were all boys except for a 16 month old girl. I think that was the largest family that we've ever had in the calendar. It is pretty cool to see large families. I think this will be the last photos for the calendar. There is one more department I'm trying to get in, but it doesn't look like it's going to happpen. Considering we have hardly any spaces left for photos, that's probably not the worst thing- but I still would like to get them done.

We did get a new cool auction item which I'll tell you about tomorrow. I also have to follow up with more of the people that have promised auction items. I can't believe our event is less than 2 months away- it's a little scary and exciting. I am so worried about getting enough people to attend, but that is not something I need to think about tonight. I'm also worried about getting the date auction promoted well enough.

If I had more energy, I would go back and work on the hundred things that need to be done- some small things and other larger date auction prep work. But right now, I want to finish blogging, watch Jay Leno (it's already started) and read a little more of my book and sleep- and write my list of course! So until tomorrow friends....

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