Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday News

Greetings! I was thinking tonight that maybe, just maybe, things actually might work out fine. Maybe we will have an incredibly successful date auction and an equally successful anniversary celebration two weeks later, followed by brisk calendar sales, growth and a good rest of the year. It's not that I'm lacking confidence in what we do, but there is so much work and stress and anxiety associated with everything, that it can be difficult to think that things will actually work out. The other issue is that I never want to take things for granted, because that is a receipe for disaster.

Today was a good day, although I did run into time issues and didn't get to quite a few things. I did get through to the website rep. for promoting our date auction (that was the person I'd been trying to reach for a little while) and it was successful- I am really looking forward to working with them. I think that with this website and our other promo, we should do well for attendance. So far, we are at 13 tickets sold. Of course, that's not many, but since the event is over a month away and we haven't done any major marketing yet, I'm happy with that. In not good date auction news, we lost a firefighter today- he emailed me that he is going to be out of town, so that is disappointing.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be out almost all day- we have a Project Smile volunteering day. One of our board members, Jennifer, organized a volunteering day at a camp on Cape Cod for children with life threatening illnesses. We will be playing games with them, giving them some gifts and hanging out with them. I was shopping at Wal Mart today, picking up gifts for the kids- Barbies, legos, cars, beading kit and a board game that I think the teenage boys might enjoy- I think its called Risk. My shopping trip took a lot longer than I should have because I was trying to make sure I got the right toys without spending a ton of money and also because I was remembering my younger days and my incredible love for Barbies! I'm not ashamed to say that my Barbie love still exists!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to tomorrow, although it will be sad to see children who are so sick, but hopefully we can make them feel a little happier. The downside is that I'm going to be gone all day and most of the evening (have a business event to attend), so that means there are a ton of calls that won't be made, emails that I won't get to and so on. How I wish I had someone to delegate some of this work to- it would make such a difference. I was intending to come home tonight and go back to work, but besides checking emails quickly and forwarding a few things to Lisa, our graphic designer- I'm now blogging and watching the mens gymnastics (which are very cool). I need to be out early tomorrow, so I should go to bed, but want to eat blueberries and yogurt and watch more gymnastics instead.

There was more that I wanted to write about, but as usual I can't remember. I'm getting tired and my eyes are hurting- maybe I'll skip the blueberries. I was planning on exercising too tonight, but since it is now 1am, that is not going to happen. So until tomorrow night friends.

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