Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Calendar is Ready!

Good news today- I picked up our Project Smile calendars today and they look awesome! The print quality is fantastic- photos look great. The printer, Peacock Press in Rockland does such a good job. I always like the calendar, but this one is particularly good. All the calendar work is finally done, now the really hard part starts, selling all 1000 of them. However, it is a big help to have a really good product to sell.

So what else is new? The butterflies are ever increasing- honestly, I feel like I have a permanent stomach ache to go along with the tight chest (no, I'm not sick). I haven't exercised in 2 days which doesn't help either. Things are going pretty well for the date auction actually- we've reached our goal today for the number of advanced tickets sold, so that is good news. According to my last count, we are all set for gift certificates- I have to recount in case I missed something. I've been working on all the small things that need done for the event, there is still quite a lot to do. Yelp.com did an awesome feature on the date auction in their weekly email newsletter. I'm going to keep working on promoting the event.

Things are on the right track, so I really shouldn't be such a bundle of nerves, but I am. I'm worried that we won't get enough people there, that I will have forgotten something and that will cause a problem for the event, volunteers won't show up, bachelors won't show- you name it, I'm worried about it. I'm trying to think of every possible issue- there is still one issue that I'm trying to resolve so that the event flows smoothly. I did finalized the event map tonight, last night I wrote up the volunteer duties to share with every volunteer at the event, the program is almost all ready. Lisa is making some last minute changes for me, then I can get it printed tomorrow. It is so hard to do all this myself- I don't have anyone to run things by, to make sure that I'm thinking of everything or to help get stuff done. We did get a cool gift certificate donated today for a couple to use on their date- two tickets to a Boston Symphony Orchestra production. It was funny that it arrived today, I think it was March when we contacted them for the first time.

Anyways, I'm going to go eat another pear- I just finished a really good one, watch a bit more of Jay Leno, then back to work to finish up a few things- planning on getting to bed by 1am, so I need to pick up the pace. Until tomorrow friends..

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