Monday, September 8, 2008

Date Auction Next Week!

Less than two weeks for the date auction! It doesn't seem possible that it is almost here. I've been working on the date auction and the anniversary event since January and now they are right around the corner and I am so nervous. Nervous that no one will show up and that all the hard work and time and money will be for nothing- this is nervousness that one can feel all the way down to their toes. I'm trying to do all the right things, particularly in promoting the date auction, but it is still really nerve wracking.

So what did I do today besides sit at my desk and worry? Well, I was working on getting more auction items that were promised- there are quite a few items left to chase down. We did get two more awesome items- one was a Bucket of Cheer donation from Boston Beer Company (which produces Sam Adams beer). Their donation includes a certificate for a case of Sam Adams beer per month for one year, a metal ice bucket, two beer glasses, t-shirts, caps and keychains. It is a really cool item. On Friday, I picked up a gift certificate from the Whitin Community Center for a pool party for up to 25 people, it has a value of $175.

I was also working on more date auction promo, got the last two profiles for the date auction program all set finally, sent more invitations for the anniversary celebration and I can't remember what else I was doing. I must sound like I have memory problems- I honestly don't, it's just when I get tired and when I'm anxious, I can't remember things. I know I need to calm down about getting people to the events, but there is so much riding on the success of these two events, that it is difficult to relax. Our fundraising has been off this year, so we need this money urgently to stay on track for the year.

When I close my eyes, I can visualize just how wonderful these events can be- I see the date auction with hundreds of people attending, all having a great time, waging bidding war after bidding war, the ladies winning their shoes along with the good looking guy. The same goes for the anniversary event, we won't get as many people as the date auction will, but it will be an elegant event, with great speakers, fantastic silent auction, good music, good food, debut of our calendar, our song will sound great- 150+ people, all having a good time and bidding on our cool auction items. So that's what I see when I think of how our events will be, now I just have to make sure that becomes a reality- because the nightmare scenario is me, my mom, my sister and 3 friends sitting in a giant ballroom at the Doubletree staring at all the cool auction items and me wondering aloud if I put the right time on the invitations. Nightmare date auction scenario is me waging a bidding war with myself for a date with 19 hot single guys, each coming with a pair of sexy shoes, size 7.5 and a gift certificate for a fun date- all for things that I want to do! OK, so maybe that's not such a bad nightmare!

Well, I'm off. I have a lot of emails to respond to and there's a lot of prep work I need to get done for the date auction- a lot of little things. I was planning on going back to work, but it's 12:18, so I might just go to bed early and wake up earlier and be the picture of efficiency tomorrow. I need to put the worry out of my head, because it is so draining. I also need to start work on the photo montage for the anniv. event- it is going to play while our song is being performed. I was trying to get someone to help me put it together, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. I really should start work on that tomorrow.

OK, really off now, think I might just go to bed- I have this nagging little headache. Until tomorrow friends..

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