Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Date Auction Only 10 Days Away

Date auction is ten days away! What a busy day it was today- I managed to get through 15 of the 20 items on my list, which was actually pretty good. I was working on finalizing our gift certificates for the couples to use- we are almost all set, thankfully. Then I was back to work on the date auction program, following up with sponsors, following up on raffle items, sending out more anniversary event invitations. I was also working on following up on auction items that were promised- yes, there is that much following up to do. The Celtics are sending an autographed player photo for our silent auction- it should be arriving tomorrow.

Lisa sent me the draft program of the date auction this afternoon and it is looking awesome. The photo of me looks pretty lousy though, so I've sent her some new ones to choose from. Yes, I'm getting auctioned off too! There are still a few small additions for the program and an ad that needs revised, but it is almost all done. It really does look sharp- long though, 8 pages double sided. That's going to cost a pretty penny to print, but it can't be cut down because of all the ads that need to be included.

I was at the Providence Chapter of the Downtown Womens Club tonight. They have monthly networking events. I've been going for the last few months and I really like it. Networking events can be difficult sometimes, but this group is good because everyone is very friendly, it is a small group, but there are new people every month as well- and it is free to go! They meet at a restaurant in Attleboro, so it is fairly close to home. I think I wrote about it a few months ago, but I really am glad that I joined.

Tomorrow I am off to meet with the events manager at Gypsy Bar and work on my map for the date auction. So that means I need to go and prepare- I already know how many tables we need, but I need to list who/what is going to be at each table, so tomorrow I can figure out where each table will be located.

So I'm off to do that and then go to bed- eyes are hurting again, so I want to write the list up quickly and then sleep. Until tomorrow friends...

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